Ontario Auto Center



Ontario Auto Center


The Ontario Auto Center finds itself in one of the nation’s largest and most expensive media markets (Los Angeles) yet has limited media funds.

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  • Conventional wisdom says anyone with less than $50,000 per month to spend on media would be best served through well-performing local cable channels and local radio stations.
  • Broadcast TV (i.e., reaching the entire Los Angeles market) was too expensive and provided too little exposure for the budget.
  • Advertising this way would be a major waste because it spread the message too far outside the center’s 18-mile trading zone


  • Revolution Media’s research demonstrated that a large number of people within the center’s 18-mile radius watched local morning news shows. Instead of advertising on cable shows with limited viewership, Revolution Media took the message to the entire Los Angeles market using the most popular morning news programs.


  • This strategy reached a larger viable consumer base while minimizing waste and maximizing budget.