Mummies of the World: The Exhibition


Events & Entertainment


The people behind Mummies of the World, a museum exhibition of mummies and other related artifacts, needed their show branded in the Los Angeles market as sophisticated, educational, entertaining and non-ghoulish. They also wanted increased website traffic and robust ticket sales – and they wanted it during the height of the an economic recession.


Revolution Media, with help from our media partners, negotiated and bought a broad media mix with substantial reach and frequency.

This included:

  • A TV partner bringing in Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for the premiere party, thereby adding celebrities and building a great P.R. foundation for the opening.
  • Ongoing TV sponsorships and free :10 and :15 spots
  • Extended exposure on National Public Radio.

Additionally, Revolution Media persuaded TV stations to take on a percentage of their budget as trade.


  • Revolution Media negotiated an additional 30%+ in bonus weight with all media partners – this in addition to all of the additional goodwill the various promotions and tie-ins created.
  • Mummies of the World set new attendance records at the California Science Center.