CertaPro Painters


Home Improvement


Support Franchisees with an over-arching brand campaign to reach Residential Customers in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco to create awareness of the professional services CertaPro Painters offers.
Some of the markets had existing, ongoing media campaigns. The brand awareness campaign had to account for the current campaigns and enhance and extend the brand, rather than compete against it.


The painting service category is fragmented and has low engagement and awareness on the home improvement spectrum until consumers have an actual need for the service.

This presented an opportunity for CertaPro Painters to provide a strong message with an aggressive media push and create brand lift in the marketplace before the need is urgent.


  • Develop an always-on residential campaign throughout the California Markets
  • Generate awareness through targeted reach by leveraging full funnel media and formats including a heavy allocation of Social on Pinterest, Facebook/Instagram, and YouTube
  • Created audience segments by use of research, keywords, zip codes, and life stages.  Also utilizing 1st and 3rd party data, Interest and Lookalike Modeling to the most relevant and qualified audiences
  • Analyze and Optimize digital activity to increase qualified leads


As a result of tracking, analyzing and optimizing placement and creative on a weekly basis:

  • Brand lift in digital lead group, versus a year ago, was recognized within the first 3 months of the campaign and continues to grow
  • Based on strategic targeting, placement and ongoing optimizations, the campaign exceeded plan delivery by 34%
  • Video Completion Rate saw a 5x lift and View Through Rate improved 63% from August – December 2021, exceeding industry benchmark by 88%
  • Cost per View saw a 40% improvement in the same time period